“I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!”

Organic food in baby’s life



Talking about organic food you hear lots of different opinions.. everyone knows that today’s fruits and veggies are not the same as it was in our grandparents’ era, but we avoid the fact.. why?

My favourite saying is “everyone has to die in something”. Well, probably I am the only one in this world but I want to live a long and happy life without illnesses and this is what I wish to my children as well. I know organic food is expensive and we should earn hell a lot of money to eat 100% healthy, but I beleive we can still try.

Who has/had a baby knows that these little cuties aren’t eat that much. If you buy an organic potato and an organic beet that’s enough for one dish.. why not to cook from organic then? I know its still more expensive than “normal” food and probably its a bit more difficult to purchase them too, but if you really want you can do it.

Today, this is a growing and real concern for many families, especially when feeding a small baby. Organic products have become popular over the past few years.

Why to beleive in organic food then?

  • While you can buy conventional food anywhere and everywhere (market, small shops, hypermarkets.. etc.) and they are only tested and checked randomly – if they are at all (??)Organic products must meet strict requirements, production is monitored from the very beginning to the final step.
  • Everyone is blowing outside, that almost all of our food is full of artificial additives, organic not! Because it’s forbidden.

Why it’s expensive?

  • The production and manufacturing method is more labor intensive in comparison with conventional farming.
  • Quality and quantity is unpredictable because of external factors, if pest appears, they cannot use chemicals to resolve.

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