“I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!”

5 tips how NOT to start introducing solid food


There is nothing more beautiful than a picture of a baby contentedly smearing food on her/his face…. and of course all over the place in the tiniest little spots available . It’s fun, but so messy! Introducing solid food can be confusing for some parents. What to do? What not to do? What to give? When? So many questions can be raised… It’s not a big challenge, here are some tips how NOT to start introducing solid food!


There is no rule that a baby should eat a whole portion of potato after 3 days of trying it. Be patient! Your baby knows the portion he/she needs. Usually the panic starts after 6 month when it seems breast feeding is not enough anymore. Don’t worry! If your baby is hungry, she/he will eat from solid food for sure.


If you start with a new food, be systematic and give it to him/her during 3 days, your baby may not be enthusiastic on the first day or even the second, but keep in mind that this little body needs to get to know the new food well.


Today’s protocol says: Don’t start with solid food under 6 month old, just because you feel breast feeding is not enough for your baby anymore or someone says she or he is not growing properly. There are other tricks you might try, like breast feeding more frequently. These little cuties cannot digest the same way like a grown up does. Starting with solid food at 3 month old can make future food allergies.


A baby should not eat beautiful. First, they will play with food, they will throw away the food and they can also spit it out. Saying always “NO”, “STOP”, “DON’T” is not the right thing to do. It will be messy for sure and you will wash baby clothes in every sleeping time, but believe me they learn fast, it’s just a certain period.


I know it’s easier to quickly feed the baby than let her/him try it alone, it is messy and slow. I still suggest to give the baby the possibility – the spoon – sometimes. Have fun! :)




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